Ahead of the curve

I had the opportunity today to spend some time along side a group of our teachers during some proffesional development training. This trainig was specific to finding ways to successfully reach all the learners in a classroom. This is an incredibly tough challenge when you recognize the diverse needs and abilities that exist in a class of 25-30 students. Our teachers must find ways to engage those students that are struggling learners along with those that come into the lesson already knowing the concept. Teaching to the “middle” is no longer adequate. We must always be looking for ways to improve our instructional practices to reach the broad range of students we have been entrusted to educate. Being a teacher has never been easy but I think this is even more true today than in the past. This is a challenge WIS teachers are ready to meet head on. I appreciate the extra time and effort that our staff puts in to stay ahead of the curve and move all students forward. It is this “extra” that makes Willard a great place to work and learn!


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