What a great week to be a part of WIS!  And I am not just saying that due to the 4 day week!!  It was great to see so many parents taking time to visit with their child’s teachers during parent/teacher conferences this week.  I know from my own experience how beneficial these meetings can be.  It is sometimes difficult to know what school looks like for our kids as they grow up and having that discussion with their teachers is critical.  We want them to become more independent while still maintaining our involvment in their education.  I appreciate the time and effort our parents and teachers put in to help our kids transition from the elementary world to middle school.

Our students had a rare event happen this week.  Two assemblies in on week!  On Tuesday morning we had a visit from the high school theatre group who shared some great skits with us about making healthy choices as a follow up to our red ribbon week.  Thanks to Mrs. Chappell and her group for their time and effort.  Today we met with each grade level to celebrate our first quarter iChoose winners.  9 students qualified for our Silver Dollar City field trip we will get to go on in the spring along with 9 others who will go on a Springfield trip next week.    We will have our first quarter iChoose store next Friday where each student will have the chance to redeem their iChoose stamps for some great prizes.  Thanks to all those who have made donations to our store.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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