Mid-quarter already?

It seems that time is flying by as we continue on our “road
trip” together. The first quarter mid-term ends today and
it feels like we just started school! Be looking for grade cards to come
home on Tuesday the 21st. With this in mind, a reminder for
parents to check out our teacher blogs and the online parent
portal to keep up with how your child is doing. If you do
not have an account set up yet to access the student
information system, give us a call and we can help you get
it set up.

Today WIS had its first hat day of the year benefiting the
Jim Staley scholarship fund. We are proud to support this
effort as it honors Mr. Staley’s commitment to education as
well as providing financial help to Willard students.
Although I do not have an exact amount raised at this time,
based on the number of hats I saw in the building I think it
is safe to say that WIS stepped up and did a great job
supporting this effort!

Thanks to everyone that helped in our recent PTO fundraising
effort. Our Tiger Savings cards were a huge success again.
As of this week our students have sold over 2000 cards!
This far exceeded our goal and we are scrambling to get more
cards in to fill all the orders. Thank you for your
patience in this and for your continued support.


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