Running Club

Wednesday is always an exciting day at WIS. Our largest and most active club meets after school every Wednesday rain or shine. Running Club! In this club students at all levels of running ability spend time stretching, warming up, and going on a supervised run through town. Students are also invited to participate in several local 5k races throughout the year.

This year our running club has over 130 students participating along with several staff members that work out with them. If you are by the building on a Wednesday afternoon you might see this crowd for yourself. It is exciting to see so many students making a healthy choice for themselves and having fun while doing it!


Mid-quarter already?

It seems that time is flying by as we continue on our “road
trip” together. The first quarter mid-term ends today and
it feels like we just started school! Be looking for grade cards to come
home on Tuesday the 21st. With this in mind, a reminder for
parents to check out our teacher blogs and the online parent
portal to keep up with how your child is doing. If you do
not have an account set up yet to access the student
information system, give us a call and we can help you get
it set up.

Today WIS had its first hat day of the year benefiting the
Jim Staley scholarship fund. We are proud to support this
effort as it honors Mr. Staley’s commitment to education as
well as providing financial help to Willard students.
Although I do not have an exact amount raised at this time,
based on the number of hats I saw in the building I think it
is safe to say that WIS stepped up and did a great job
supporting this effort!

Thanks to everyone that helped in our recent PTO fundraising
effort. Our Tiger Savings cards were a huge success again.
As of this week our students have sold over 2000 cards!
This far exceeded our goal and we are scrambling to get more
cards in to fill all the orders. Thank you for your
patience in this and for your continued support.

Student agendas

Each student at WIS was given a student agenda at the start of the school year. These are used by our teachers and students to not only organize assignments and classroom calendars, but to also serve as a school-home communication tool. Your student should be filling out their agenda on a daily basis with information on what is going on in each of their classes. Although we do not ask parents to check the agenda every day, it would be great to take a look and see what your student has been up to. We are confident that developing a habit of using the student agenda will benefit their level of organization today and in their future. We appreciate your support in this.

Up and Running

What a difference a few weeks makes! It was not that long ago that the building was empty and it felt like summer outside.  The building is now full of activity and there was a chill in the air this morning.  Now it feels like back to school time!  After a week of getting back into the school routine, this week found WIS students fully engaged in learning and after school activities. Many of our after school clubs will be starting soon. Running club, Friday choir, go green club and lego club will all meet next week. Check out the WIS calendar link on the right side of this page to stay up on all the activities. We encourage every student to find a school activity to get involved with!

WIS kicked off our 5th annual Tiger Savings card fundraiser this week. This sale runs through next Friday. If you want to save some money with local businesses for the next year you need to get your hands on one. We appreciate the efforts of our students and parents in supporting our building needs.

Enjoy your three day weekend!

First PTO meeting of the year tonight

A reminder that our first PTO meeting of the year will take place tonight starting at 6:00 pm in our library.  All 5th and 6th grade parents are invited to attend.  We hope to see you here!