As the year comes to an end …..

What a busy week at WIS!  It seems like everyone in the building was involved in something special going on.  Our teachers spent Monday and Tuesday finishing up their MRI (Missouri Reading Initiative) training for the year.  We have already seen significant improvement in the reading levels of our students and we know that this will translate into gains in all of their academic areas in the future.  Tuesday also saw the that iChoose assembly of the year.  10 students earned a trip to Springfield next week for some ice cream and fun.  Thanks to everyone that made this program a success for our students!  Wednesday started out with our district transition day where each grade level got to spend some time in the classrooms of the teachers they will be with next school year.  It was especially exciting to see all the current 4th graders in the building.  We look forward to seeing them again in the Fall.  The afternoon was spent in our first ever “World Travel” day.  In conjunction with our theme this year, we had over 25 guests in the building sharing their personal experiences about visiting or living in a foreign country.  Each student was given the opportunity to hear from 4 guest speakers and in some cases experience the food, language, or traditions first hand.  The presenters were awesome and we greatly appreciate their time and efforts!  Our 5th grade class made the trip to Branson to see the Dixie Stampede show on Thursday.  Everyone had a great time enjoying the food and entertainment.  a special thanks to our PTO for making this trip possible.  Thursday evening had most of our 6th grade class in the building a little later than normal.  We celebrated the end of the year and the completion of another milestone in their educational journey with them at our 6th grade going away party.  Food, music, dancing, and fun was enjoyed by all.  Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to make this night special and a special thanks to the students for the great behavior.  You guys will be missed next year!


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