WIS is Prepared!

“Be prepared” is a phrase that many of us are familiar with from time we may have spent as a Boy or Girl Scout. Personally, I have taken pride in seeing this quality develop in my son as he has moved through the ranks of Cub Scouting. It only seems natural for us, as a school, to have the same expectation for ourselves. Teachers plan and prepare for each days lesson, our cooks and custodians start the day a full 2 hours before school starts to get the building ready for the day, secretaries put hours into organization of schedules and calendars so things can run as smoothly as possible.

Along this line of thought, we also expect our students to “be prepared” for school both academicaly and physicaly. With our state MAP testing happening next week our teachers and students have been finalizing preparations to show that WIS is ready for our state assessments. Even though we already know great things are happening in our classrooms on a daily basis, I am confident our preparation will become evident at the state level as well.  WIS is prepared! 

MAP schedule for next week:

Tuesday 4/13 – Mathmatics 5th/6th grade

Wednesday 4/14 – Communication Arts 5th/6th grade

Thursday 4/15 – Science 5th grade only


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