As April comes to a close ………

Our 4th annual WIS Talent Night on Monday night gave our students and teachers an opportunity to “show off” some of their amazing skills. The show featured great singing, comedy acts, instrumental solos, and some very special guest appearances! Thanks to everyone that participated and to those that came out in support of our talented students and teachers.

5th grade students are busy working on simple machine projects in science and starting in on their Civil war unit. We had several guest speakers in the building today reenacting and singing songs about the Civil war. 6th grade is finishing up their water ecology unit of study this week which will culminate with a fishing field trip next week. We know these are great learning opportunities for our students.


Half empty or half full?

WIS is proud of the efforts of our students this week as they completed their state assessments (MAP). I used the comparison of taking the MAP to getting a shot from the doctor with our students in our assembly earlier in the
week. You know its coming, its not fun when it is happening, it is over before you know it, and (believe it or not) it is good for you. We look forward to getting the results back later this year which will help us as a school and district to direct our instructional improvement efforts. Maybe the MAP is not all bad after all!

Upcoming events at WIS:
4/20 – Dare graduation (red and black teams)
4/23 – Mid terms go home
4/23 – MAP reward cookout
4/26 – WIS talent night
4/26-4/30 – Book Fair

WIS is Prepared!

“Be prepared” is a phrase that many of us are familiar with from time we may have spent as a Boy or Girl Scout. Personally, I have taken pride in seeing this quality develop in my son as he has moved through the ranks of Cub Scouting. It only seems natural for us, as a school, to have the same expectation for ourselves. Teachers plan and prepare for each days lesson, our cooks and custodians start the day a full 2 hours before school starts to get the building ready for the day, secretaries put hours into organization of schedules and calendars so things can run as smoothly as possible.

Along this line of thought, we also expect our students to “be prepared” for school both academicaly and physicaly. With our state MAP testing happening next week our teachers and students have been finalizing preparations to show that WIS is ready for our state assessments. Even though we already know great things are happening in our classrooms on a daily basis, I am confident our preparation will become evident at the state level as well.  WIS is prepared! 

MAP schedule for next week:

Tuesday 4/13 – Mathmatics 5th/6th grade

Wednesday 4/14 – Communication Arts 5th/6th grade

Thursday 4/15 – Science 5th grade only

Spring Time!

We hope everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend along with the Easter holiday!  The warm weather outside has reminded all of us that spring time is here.  The pace of things at WIS has heated up as well. 

Our WIS skate party last week was a huge success with over 200 students and parents in attendance which raised over $150 to be given to the WCCF (Willard Children’s Chartiable Foundation).  This week will feature our Arts night on Thursday at 7:00 pm which will showcase our own WIS honor choir and student art work on display throughout the building.  The artwork looks great and we would encourage everyone to join us.  Friday will be our hat day for the month with all proceedes going to the Helping Hooves program.  Saturday WIS will host the 5th annual Conquer Cancer Run/Walk at 8:00 am.  You can find registration information a few posts below this one.  We look forward to a good crowd and some good running weather!