Back to School

It felt a little odd to complete a whole week of school! WIS students and teachers found themselves getting back into the routine and now have the 2nd semester up and running.  Our 2nd quarter iChoose field trip winners got to spend a little time away from the building this week.  What’s better than some bowling and a trip to Krispy Kreme? I heard a rumor that one of our building administrators is quite the bowler!   Everyone got to redeem some passport stamps today in our 2nd quarter iChoose store.  The upcoming week looks to be a busy one:

Monday – School will be in session as our first snow make-up day.
Tuesday – Hot cocoa cafe after school
Wednesday – Technology club and Running club after school
Thursday – Student council meeting and Science club after school
Friday – Friday Choir before school

WIS PTO is planning a new spring fund-raiser. Be looking for information to go out soon.  The document cameras purchased with the proceeds from our fall fund-raiser are on the way!  Thank you to everyone that has worked so hard to support our students and teachers.

The 2 remaining snow make-up days will be Monday Feb. 15th and Monday April 5th.  Let’s hope we do not need any to schedule any more. Bring on the warm weather!


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