Bring on October!

The month of October brings with it cooler weather, football games, and a busy month at WIS! Our 100+ member running club has been preparing for their annual participation in the Sunshine Run. Race day is 10/10 at 7:30. We wish everyone running the best of luck. Our fight free program has challenged our students to go 20 days in a row without a physical altercation. If they can do this they will get to witness one of our fearless administrators eat several live bugs! (I wonder who volunteered to do that??)

WIS is proud to recognize that 144 of our students completed over 1100 hours of reading over the summer participating in the Green County Library summer reading club. The names of  these students are posted in the trophy case at the main entrance to the building. Way to go!

Upcoming events:
10/4 – Hampton Family’s Extreme Home Makeover Show airs on ABC
10/10 – Sunshine Run 7:30 am
10/15 – WIS Skating Party @ Skateport 6-7:30 pm
10/19-10/23 – Red Ribon Week

10/23-10/29 – WIS Book Fair
10/27 and 10/29 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
10/28 – iChoose assemblies
10/29 – iChoose store
10/30 – No school


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