1st Mid-Quarter

Where does the time go? Here we sit at the mid-point of the
first quarter and it seems we just started. It is great to
see everybody into their “routine” and great instruction and
learning going on! One of the most influential “new” things
on the teaching/learning process at WIS this school year is
our focus on incorporating technology into daily lessons.
Thanks to the generosity of the district and many hours of
training and planning by our teachers it is now a very
common thing to see lessons imbedded with digital media. We
know that there is still much work to be done but we are  
incredibly proud of the strides that have been made to
“catch up” with the digital world in our teaching.

A reminder that  mid-quarter grades will go home with
students on Monday the 21st. Parents are encouraged to
visit with their child about their academic progress and to
contact their teachers with any questions or concerns. Also,
a reminder that school will not be in session on Friday 9/25
for our teacher professional development day. Have a great


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